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Tour De Picnic 2015

Beneficiary:  Irish Youth Foundation


The Irish Youth Foundation exists to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young people.
We provide grants to groups working with at-risk and disadvantaged children.  These groups provide safe places where children and young people can go after school – to grow, to learn and to play.
For children who often experience poverty, parental misuse of drugs, and alcohol, crime and mental health issues, these projects are beacons of hope which enhance and improve their lives.
The IYF has raised over €20 million and supported 1,700 projects on the island of Ireland, reaching 50,000 young people.
Beneficiary: Special Olympics Ireland

Special Olympics Ireland

At Special Olympics we are thrilled to be involved with Tour de Picnic again this year. This incredible event is a credit to the guys at Event Fuel and we are extremely grateful to the participants new and returning who raise an outstanding amount of money for Special Olympics and other charities.
The funds we receive this year will help to fund Team Ireland to attend the World Games in LA. This July 7,000 athletes from around the will take to the sporting stage and demonstrate to the world their incredible courage, unwavering determination, and sheer joy. Ireland will be represented at these iconic Games by 88 courageous athletes.
The total cost to fund Team Ireland is €44,000 and by taking part in Tour de Picnic you are supporting our athletes to get there.
Beneficiary: Childline ISPCC


ISPCC is one of Ireland’s oldest children’s charities. We provide vital listening and mentoring support services to thousands of children and their families each year. Childline is the ISPCC’s most well-known service.
Childline is Ireland’s only nationwide 24 hour Children’s listening service; it is free and available to all children in Ireland up to 18 years of age.
Children contact Childline to discuss issues such as depression, loneliness, abuse, self-harm, bullying, issues at home and at school and concerns about alcohol, drugs and sexuality. Some children contact us simply because they have no one else to talk to.
Childline responded to over 450,000 phone & online contacts from children in 2014 however a shortage in funds is currently threatening this service. With your support we can help keep Childline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – letting children and young people in Ireland know that there will always be a place to turn when they need to talk. 
Tour de Picnic will…
  • Help train 20 new volunteers  with the necessary skills to answer calls and support these children in their time of need
  • Provide support to approximately 4,000 confused or frightened  children before the end of 2015
  • Help to keep Childline available to young people 24 hours  a day
When a child takes the brave step to make that call you will ensure someone is there to listen, thank you. For further information please visit or follow ISPCCChildline on Facebook and Twitter.